Loop writing

Loop writing

First, I realize this writing example is written about a sensitive topic. My focus is not to promote any position, on any issue, at any time. Often, my examples are taken directly from my personal notebook. Sometimes on the very same day they are written. Why? Because i write regularly and I actually use the techniques I share. So, often when something is fresh in my mind or fresh off my pen, I am eager to share it. 

I've taught loop writing in past workshops. It remains one of my favorite writing techniques. "Loop writing" is a writing technique that was created by Peter Elbow. I'm fairly certain I learned about it in his book Writing Without Teachers. And though I learned it as it applies to academic writing, it works so well in journaling too. 

Loop writing is very simple, but it is effective.

The "loops" are actually paragraphs. I start by writing a paragraph about a topic. Sometimes I use time, like I will write for three minutes. Other times I will aim to write a paragraph. When my time is up or I've finished my paragraph, I will either find the sentence that resonates most with me OR I will summarize the paragraph. I then use that conclusion or sentence to begin my next loop/paragraph. I usually continue this way for four or five loops. Loop writing always allows me to dig deeper, pushing the boundaries of my thinking about a single topic, in a systematic way. 

If you have been following my posts today, from which I have drawn some examples and posted on Instagram, you'll see that I use multiple writing techniques about a single topic, sometimes in a single day. Sometimes it is difficult to get to a point in my thinking where I am satisfied that I have given something its due. That said, I'm grateful for the many different ways I know how to approach a topic, as the process itself can be satisfying, even if I don't come to a definite conclusion.