Every morning, I wake up feeling pretty relaxed and rested. Often times, however, that feeling only lasts for a few minutes and then the thoughts start rushing in. And when I say rushing, I mean rushing. I start remembering things I want to do, have to do, things that were unresolved from the day before, things I’m worried I might forget, things that are bring me joy and making me smile, things that are upsetting me. All of these thoughts, some negative and many positive, try to all occupy my mind and grab my attention at the same time. It is literally mind-boggling.

As I’ve gotten older and I’ve added on more life responsibilities, and as I’ve experienced recent traumas, I find that it has become more and more difficult to sit and write, something that has been my go-to since I was a young girl, as a way of chronicling and coping with everyday life. Often I’d find myself sitting with my pen in my hand, nib on the page, unable to figure out where to even start, there were so many competing thoughts in my head. So, as a way to deal with it, I decided I would quickly write about the first few that came to mind. I divided my notebook into four sections, across two open pages. These are my quadrants. Over the years, I developed a way of writing in them in a clockwise order. This process has proved invaluable for helping me decide what to write and clear my head a bit.

Below you’ll find an example of a Mind Mosaic from my personal notebook. I wrote this one using the Hawaiian meditation, Ho’Oponopono, which I talk about often. It’s an oral tradition that I’ve modified to use in my notebooks. I’ve found it to be centering. You can read more about Ho’Oponopono here.