I’ve had several Traveler’s Notebooks by Traveler’s Company in Japan. This most recent one, and I’ve admittedly had several, some gifts/some purchases, was a 2018 Christmas gift from my sons, Aidan and Cormac. They purchased it from Baum-Kuchen and had it custom embossed with my name. Because it has sentimental value, it’s likely that I will not be replacing it unless it becomes damaged.

A traveler’s notebook is a simple system that begins with a square piece of rough leather, rather raw in its finish, but delicious to the touch. Mine is black. I love the patina of aged brown leather more, but black is my base wardrobe color and I prefer it for that reason.

There is a simple elastic, strung from top to bottom, behind which you place the insert/refill notebooks and accessories. It is highly customizable and mine changes regularly.

You should make your notebook, whatever brand or type you choose, your very own, which is why I’m not giving you a walking tour of mine. (I might change my mind.) I have in the past and too often, I flip through Instagram and see notebooks that are nearly identical to mine and wonder if putting it together gave that person the same amount of joy that assembling mine gave to me. Be an original and make your notebook yours. It will mean so much more to you.