Dear YOU,

I am so happy that you've joined me/us for a personal writing journey. I am so excited, so honored to finally be able to offer WRITE. to everyone and anyone who wants to use journaling/personal writing/keeping a notebook as a tool for self-exploration, self-expression, growth, and just dealing the stuff of life -- the good and the bad and all of the stuff in between.  

Each week I will share five new writing prompts with you. I tend to focus on a certain area of life each week. On Saturdays, I'll send you a digest with all of the week's prompts. On Sunday, I'll share some of my own lessons from my writing, some thoughts on some of the tools that I enjoy using, and information on writing techniques, as it seems pertinent. 

You are not going to find that every prompt resonates with you, and that is okay. Sometimes you may not want to write or feel like writing. Other times you may want to write about something else. There are writing techniques on the website and I'll add more as time goes on. It's all good. Whatever happens happens. 

I want to hear from you. I want to hear about how WRITE. fits into your life. I want to know how WRITE. might better serve you. Email me at