Pricing + Services


Working with a transformative writing coach starts at $100/month or $275/3-month commitment.


Choosing Your Tools

We will work together to choose the tools that will work for you. Some people work best with analogue tools, while others do better with digital tools. Selecting the right tools will better enable you to commit to your practice.

Mapping Your Journey

Together we can focus on editing and revising the stories in your past, processing your current stories, and visualizing your future life by using transformative writing techniques. We will decide where you want to and need to focus.

Commit to Your Practice

We will work together to design a practice that works with you, your level of commitment, your time, and your lifestyle. Setting realistic goals and expectations can better help you commit to a consistent practice.  

Bespoke/Custom Writing Prompts

As your personal transformative writing coach, I will provide you with personalized, custom writing prompts each week to help you write the life you want to live.

Weekly Accountability Check

Once a week, you will received a personal email from me to provide you with support and help keep you on track with your writing

Special Transformative Writing Workshops

You’ll be invited to participate in private transformative writing workshops with women like yourself, who are committed to crafting and living their best possible lives.