The Power of Story

I was around nine years old, and I made the conscious decision that life, and it was tough, I would not make me bitter. In other words, I decided, at a very young age, that my life was not what happened to me, but what I wanted it to be. An important and perhaps most effective part of my toolbox, as I like to call my coping strategies, was writing in my notebook. It was in my notebook where I would process my feelings, deal with my hurt and anger, visualize the life I wanted, record observations from my day, collect meaningful quotes, and design the narrative of my life — the things that mattered to me —- the things that would be a part of the story I would keep telling myself about the life I lived and who I was.

From 2014 to 2018, I was faced with the most significant challenges in my life, which began with a high-conflict, contentious separation and divorce that ended my nearly 20-year marriage, followed by the sudden death of my former spouse and father of my two sons, now 16 and 11 years old. During that time, I relied on my personal writing more than I ever did in the past, as a way of coping with the extreme emotions and difficult circumstances with which I was being faced.

My daily habits — personal writing (journaling), mediation, exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness and living a simple but love-filled life have enabled me to find balance and joy, despite the tumult I’ve experienced.

My mission is to help others, especially women who find themselves dealing with significant challenges and/or loss, such as trauma, divorce, and death, learn and use writing to transform their difficult stories into empowering and beautiful ones.