Journaling is often recommended as a way of coping with the grief, challenges, and stress that accompany separation and divorce. Not only does writing provide a way to organize your thoughts, but it can provide a way to vent, remember, plan, celebrate, and grieve. But many people have told me they just don’t know where to start when putting pen to paper. As a thriver of a difficult separation and divorce, followed by the sudden, premature, and heartbreaking death of my former spouse and father of my two sons, I can promise you that things can get better and writing can and does help.

I’ve been a lifelong keeper of notebooks and journaled prolifically during the past five years, which would prove to be the most challenging years of my life. I’ve gathered together the lessons I’ve learned with the hopes of helping others, like you, find some peace, relief, and strength in writing, during whatever challenges your are facing.

In strength and love,

Trina O’Gorman