Write the life you want to live.


Trina O’Gorman, LLC is committed to helping women use personal narrative and storytelling to work through revising, editing, and crafting the lives they want to live. If you want to own your story and live your life on your own terms, then I’d love to help you write the life you want to live.


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Boss Up! Writing and Workshops. This newly designed program is about learning to feel secure and comfortable in your skin, owning your stories, and being unapologetic about who you are through personal narrative writing and journaling.  

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What Is a Transformative Writing Coach?

Trina O’Gorman has spent more than 20 years in the classroom as a college writing professor. She has combined her love and passion for writing and her helping others as a life coach, to develop programs to help others experience the powers of transformative writing.

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Weekly Dispatches

Trina O’Gorman shares analogue stories, activities, tools, and tips to help you craft the most amazing life you can imagine. You are limited only by your imagination, which you can learn to stretch!

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A Personal Writing Practice

Personal writing can be such an empowering and transformative tool that you can use to deal with your baggage, design your life going forward, and hold yourself accountable. All that and it’s as simple as you, a piece of paper and a pen. You cannot beat that for accessibility.


We help you use personal narrative writing and journaling to craft the life you want to live.

— Trina O’Gorman


Committed to Your Journey

We are committed to helping you take control of your journey by incorporating personal writing and journaling with other empowering habits and routines, so you can be a better version of yourself.